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 Cultural Differences and Academic Maturity

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Dr Rai

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Cultural Differences and Academic Maturity Empty
PostSubject: Cultural Differences and Academic Maturity   Cultural Differences and Academic Maturity Empty6/28/2012, 2:21 pm

Has anyone had any situations wherein they felt 'bullied' by students for a higher grade?

This has been reported by faculty at the U in recent semesters, specifically with international students from certain regions of the world. We're working with faculty to help them see potential cultural explanations that might account for students' responses to bad grades - such as descending upon the office hours in large groups, negotiating beyond the point of being 'comfortable', etc.

Any thoughts or similar experiences? How do you prepare both students and faculty on the issue of 'appropriate communication' about grades, assignments, fairness, etc.? What measures are in place to promote academic maturity and responsibility for learning in international students and domestic students?
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Cultural Differences and Academic Maturity
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